The language Hinglish involves a hybrid mixing of Hindi and English within conversations, individual sentences and even words. An example: “nahi mei nahi aa sakta”. Translation: “no, i cannot come.” It is gaining popularity as a way of speaking that demonstrates you are modern, yet locally grounded.

India being a diverse country, one witnesses both ends of the spectrum. Namely, a hindi speaking commoner who can read and understand the devanagari script. And tourists coming in from abroad, who may or may not understand the language entirely. …

Analysis By :- Kopal Sharma, Heetakshi Shah, Shubham Kanade, Manas Malhotra, Rutuja Suryavanshi, Abhimanyu Bhola


COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) has resulted in a significantly large number of psychological consequences. The aim of this study is to explore the impacts of COVID-19 on people’s mental health, to assist policy makers to develop actionable policies, and help clinical practitioners (e.g., social workers, psychiatrists, and psychologists) provide timely services to affected populations.

For this project we extracted and analyzed tweets of 10,000 active Indian users of twitter from the period one week before the announcement of first lockdown (w.e.f. 18th March to…

A very common application of Natural Language Processing is Machine Translation. Machine Translation is a field which investigates the use of software to translate text from one language to another. However, the usual application we have seen is a translating app, Google Translate, or another software. These applications translate from one Natural Language to another.

Recently I was assigned a task by my college professor: we had to write a program in C, but I, being unaware of that, wrote the program in Python. Upon learning that it was necessary to code in C, I had to translate the entire…


Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast. It can happen to both the genders (Male & Female). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide, claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of women each year and affecting countries at all levels of modernization. Breast cancer can be diagnosed through multiple tests, including a mammogram(X-ray), ultrasound, MRI and biopsy. This paper does a comparative study to classify the patient as a PCR or a Non-PCR responder to neoadjuvant Chemotherapy using…

Ever since the world has been acquainted with AI, there has been one particular use case which has been talked about A LOT. And when I say a lot, like really a lot.
Any guesses to what it might be?

They are the Self Driving Cars.

We have been hearing, reading and even seeing these in Sci-fi movies. Some said we will have self driving cars by 2010, some said by 2020, yet we are here at 2021 and we have just been able to tackle the tip of the change self driving cars can bring in the world.


Q. What is a white paper?
Ans. It is an authoritative report that informs readers concisely about a complex issue

Q. Why do we need it? And specially why in a data science pipeline?

Ans. Now here are my two cents on it.

What one needs to understand that data science is not just about collecting data, applying an algorithm and boom here are some xyz results. Nope.

Before even one thinks of starting applying data science techniques, he needs to formulate a ‘problem statement’. And to formulate this problem statement, one needs ‘research’. …

Hosting a Web Application using Heroku

Hello !
The point of me writing this blog is not to only tell about how to host a website ( I mean that is there of-course) but more than that, something which is not majorly known and understood is the arrangement of the directories. And this is the part which usually gives one a hard time while hosting, otherwise git add, commit and push is no biggie.

So, I'll try my best to clear that out, that how do we arrange our Program Files for a smooth hosting. (Also I wasted 6 hours…

Kopal Sharma

BTech in Data Science

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